Our Velcro Child ID Wristbands are

Great for any outing where your child might get separated from you. Whether it's a trip to the beach, on holiday, a birthday party, school tour or just a visit to the shops, your child will have potentially life saving information at hand.

iDME wristbands for kids come in colours Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Blue and Green Camoflage - and target ages 3 - 9yrs with a wrist circumference of up to 6". Included in the packaging are two 3-fold waterproof inserts (1 spare) that tuck neatly away out of sight under the velcro strap and store any emergency information needed. The insert card is made from a special material that is tear proof, you can also write your information with a Bic ballpoint pen which makes the writing water resistant but for best waterproof results use a fine tipped permanent marker.